The Concept

A revolutionary process

FENDERSYSTEM is a revolutionary method for automatic implementation of fenders for the pleasure of navigation.

  • All its components have been designed to resist UV, salt air and sea water; the system is perfectly sealed and secure.
  • The mechanism, when building or refit, fits perfectly behind the bulwark or under the bridge through small footprint (90 mm).
  • Customization is possible through a variety of shapes, sizes and colors fenders.

A simple implementation

  • FENDERSYSTEM consists of two parts:
    • The fender
    • The control module
  • designed as a kit, installation is simple and convenient
  • clip-on fenders and quickly interchangeable

Easy operation

  • The navigation deck with a touch screen
  • From the dock with remote control

The advantages

  • Enhanced security for docking maneuvers and devices
  • Space saving, time saving and comfort
  • Automatic settings heights fenders
  • Storing these heights can according docks
  • Alert smartphone when docked failure

The Fender

The Inflatable membrane

Envelope developped coated farbric, soft and resistant, it is used in aeronautics (navigation, oil rig, military...). It has been specially made and patented.

pb noir

The swivel

Made of 316L stainless steel, it allows for each fender, a 360° rotation and a quick and easy change.

joint rotatif

The rope

Made of polyester, woven directly on an armored pipe, it offers excellent durability and perfect aesthetics.


Fender cover

Essential element in the concept, a protective cover, high density polyester, high strength, while keeping the aesthetic side.

Made seamless, abrasion resistant, UV and in saewater, it is machine washable.

pb jaune

The Control Module

The turbine

It is a low-pressure compressor that inflates or deflates the fenders.

  • light
  • reliable
  • low power
  • silent
  • small footprint

The drive housing

It allows the ascent and descent of the fender.

  • very small size
  • ensures the locking of the rope when the fender is turned on
  • can be set in all positions


Integrated control

It provides complete control of the fenders from the cockpit.

  • ergonomic
  • easy to use
  • order fenders can be done individually or in groups
  • it enables the storage position according to the docks


console tactile

The remote control

a command button to raise or lower each fender

  • a command button by Fender
  • ergonomic
  • easy to use without training